Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pro-Tactile Vlog #2

English Transcription of aj and Jelica’s 
Pro-Tactile Vlog #2 
March 7, 2013

[aj and Jelica are wearing black clothes, blue background. Both receiving signs tactually. Both smiling politely when camera starts recording. Jelica extends hand toward aj, giving her the floor.]

aj granda: Hello everyone! I’m aj granda [extends hand toward Jelica to give her the floor.]

Jelica Nuccio: Hi!! I’m Jelica [bounces once, enthusiastically as she signs `hi!’ Both smiling big smiles. aj taps Jelica’s forearm several times as Jelica introduces herself. Then makes scratching motion on Jelica’s forearm]. I’m excited to say something! [aj continues to tap on Jelica’s forearm]. So many.,[turns to aj] how many?

aj granda: Over 10,000 people watched our vlog!!! [duplicating signs on left and right hand]. It’s shocking!! [both aj and Jelica smiling, Jelica tapping aj’s arm enthusiastically]. 

Jelica Nuccio: It is really inspiring.  Thank you SO MUCH everyone. [aj tapping Jelica’s arm rapidly in agreement].  I noticed that there are many emails as well, and we are thrilled to receive them. We are planning to keep all of the questions you’ve sent, right aj?

aj granda: Absolutely. And we will answer as many of them as we can. We will also be mailing as many transcripts as we can, and answering comments on Facebook. There’s a lot to do right now, but we will get back to you as soon as we can! Jelica?

Jelica Nuccio: I am blown away all of this, really [transcriber’s note: tactile feedback- tapping on arms—is almost constant both ways. Transcript will not include all of it]. Now, we want to talk, just briefly, about BC. If you recall, last time, we were seated. This time, we’re standing, so you can see how BC works. aj, would you like to explain what BC means?

aj granda: Yes, I was just about to jump in and explain that. BC stands for “backchanneling”. We abbreviate that “BC”. Backchanneling is the number one most important pro-tactile [PT] practice. 

Jelica Nuccio: Backchanneling is incredibly powerful. It is an intuitive way of  maintaining co-presence and a sense of connection with one another. So right now, aj is tapping my forearm, and that works like a head-nod would for sighted people. Before, when we were seated, we used the leg [Jelica reaches for aj’s leg and aj smiles big while she balances and lets Jelica pull her leg into view. They are balancing awkwardly.] That’s too awkward when you’re standing.  So it is better that we use the forearm when we are standing [Jelica and aj both pause to laugh. Jelica pulls aj’s hand to her throat, so she can feel the vibration of her laughter]. OK, now I’ll turn it over to aj.

aj granda: Yes, using the leg would be awkward while standing. Many people asked us how backchanneling would work while standing, so that is the next thing we’ll be showing you today. If you are standing side by side, both facing the same direction, tapping on the forearm the way we’ve been doing is the best. If, on the other hand, you’re facing one another, talking, then you do something else, which we’re going to show you now. You talk, Jelica [both facing one another now]. 

Jelica Nuccio: So you were asking me what I did today, well, I partied down last night. [aj is tapping on the outside portion of Jelica’s forearm, rather than the inside, like before]. I forget where [brings aj’s hand to her throat and laughs. aj laughs too, and then smacks Jelica’s shoulder and says, “You’re funny.” ]. So now, it’s your turn.

aj granda: Well, I have something better than your party. I am completely addicted to You Tube [Jelica leaves her hand motionless on aj’s arm, not registering recognition as aj spells “You Tube”] and I watch it every day [Jelica smacks aj’s outer forearm several times, emphatically. Both laugh, and turn toward camera again].  

aj granda: That is how you do backchanneling while facing one another. I don’t know if it’s clear or not on this video, but what is important is for you to stay 100% connected to the person you’re talking to by touching them. You really have to remember to give a constant stream of tactile feedback.

Jelica Nuccio: Now, we’ll give you an example of what a conversation would look like without tactile backchanneling. 

aj granda: She read my mind [smiling], I was planning to do that next! OK, OK [excitedly]. [turns to camera and says] Back in the old days, it was like this: Do you know who Bob is [question sign]. [Jelica is slow to respond and aj taps her impatiently on the hand] Do you know who?

Jelica Nuccio: OH, no, no I don’t. 

aj granda: OH, OK, I’ll introduce you tonight, OK [question sign]

Jelica Nuccio: [pauses] Oh, OK [flatly]. 

aj granda: Fine, so….[waits, Jelica does not answer, taps Jelica on hand impatiently]. 

Jelica Nuccio: Oh, sorry, I didn’t know what I was supposed to say next. 

aj granda: [turns toward camera]. That was awkward! If there’s no tactile feedback, you can’t be sure if the person is smiling, nodding their head, etc., so the timing is all off, and it’s really awkward [Jelica starts tapping aj’s forearm again]. That’s better! Now I feel like I’m connected again. [looks at camera] Backchanneling is like my lifeline, you know?

Jelica Nuccio: YES!!! I feel the same way! [emphatically]. Touch is so important. [Turns toward camera. YOU MUST USE TOUCH AT ALL TIMES! NO EXCEPTIONS! 

aj granda: That’s right. And now we have to close for today. From now on, we’re planning to keep our vlogs short and sweet and to the point, and we’ll try to post as often as we can. Thank you so much for watching our vlog. Keep sending us emails, too! Thank you!!! And again, this is aj and I am Jelica [aj wave-claps and both smile at camera]. 


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